Website Training and Assistance

Website Training and Assistance

The following videos are designed to help you learn how to interact with the website functions and use the site’s tools. If you have any additional questions or run into technical issues, please contact the PRB directly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Appeared in the February 2023 edition of the Texas Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems’ Pension Observer magazine.

Since the launch of the PRB’s MET courses in 2016, the agency has used SoftChalk, an eLearning content authoring software. The software allowed the agency to develop courses and post them online through SoftChalk Cloud without operating a Learning Management Software (LMS). As the MET program grew, so did the need for increased functionality. Furthermore, users were consistently experiencing issues with the software; for example, the agency commonly received requests to issue certificates through our MET Specialist because the software was unable to generate them.

The agency decided to transition to using LifterLMS, an LMS that integrates with WordPress and allows the agency to create interactive courses and maintain them on the PRB’s own website. The new LMS and main website combined have more features available to users that the PRB hopes will improve the overall user experience, including the generation of certificates of completion.

A major difference between the new website and LMS compared to SoftChalk Cloud is that users will have their own individual accounts and a personalized dashboard. The dashboard will show what courses the user is enrolled in, their progress in the course, their date of enrollment, and their certificates of completion. The content within the core courses is largely the same, with some reformatting done to complement the new website and software. The agency is currently in the ongoing process of updating core courses to ensure that the information within them is consistent with current best practices and statute. The new system also provides three new continuing education courses in addition to the seven core courses. 

The website has the same seven core courses the PRB has previously hosted, with the addition of three new continuing education courses that system administrators and trustees can take once they are in their continuing education cycle (after completing core). At this time, all of the continuing education courses are in a video format whereas the core courses are written text.

The website has a page  for technical assistance which includes training videos for users on the new website. Throughout the month of January 2023, the agency is hosted online virtual office hours on Wednesdays from 2pm to 3pm. During the online office hours, users are welcome to join and receive live one-on-one assistance with the website. The PRB also welcomes questions by phone call [(512) 463-1736] or by email ([email protected]).

The agency has received many requests to create continuing education offerings and we look forward to continuing to develop new timely courses for trustees. We will be using this website to further utilize different methods of presenting information and user interactivity. The ultimate goal is to help trustees and administrators access high quality educational resources.

At this time, users are only able to see PRB-sponsored courses that have been completed using the new website. Course completion will still need to be reported to the PRB by submitting PRB-2000. These forms are due annually on September 1st for training taken between August 1 of the previous year and July 31. The form may be found on the main PRB website:

Course enrollments on the new website are active for two years. During that time, a user may retake a course as many times as they would like, but they will not receive an additional certificate through the website. If for some reason a new certificate is needed sooner than once every two years, please contact the PRB directly.